Preserve wetlands on Les Gets Golf course

What is a wetland?


Wetlands are characterised by the presence of water in large amounts for most of the year. They perform essential water resource functions. These areas take different forms: marshes, ponds, peatlands, meadows, forests, alluvial soil, reed beds…


Why preserve wetlands?

These areas help maintain biodiversity and preserve water resources.

Some in particular are referred to as sponges due to their ability to store water and slowly release it, which limits the intensity of floods and supplies rivers and underground reservoirs during dry periods. Others are able to filter and purify water or impede runoff water. Wetlands do not all fulfill the same roles. It is their interaction that helps best protect water resources.

They also contribute to making the region attractive by playing a part in the quality of the surroundings and landscape.


How can they be protected on the golf course?

– On the course, wetlands are clearly indicated and marked out.

– Respect the markings and limit movement in these zones.

– The teams at the golf club maintain the various wetlands in accordance with recommendations from Asters, Haute-Savoie’s natural spaces protection agency whose overall mission to provide advice and guidance to local authorities that they can apply to their protection policy.

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