A word from the Club Director

A word from the Club Director – Benoît Buttay


“2012 was very a good season for Les Gets Golf Club. Increased usage and the inscription of many new members were echoed by a busy calendar of quality competitions.

And this enthusiasm is likely to last, with an effervescent golfing calendar in the years to come. Outstanding events include the Evian Masters tournament which becomes the 5th Major in the LPGA in 2013 with the Evian Championship, the return of golf as an Olympic sport in 2016 at the Rio Games and the Ryder Cup to be held in France at the Golf National in 2018.

Our sport has a lot going for it! So we must maintain our commitment to improving the course and our infrastructures and increasing the level of satisfaction expressed by our customers. 4 years after joining Golfy, we have renewed our partnership with this network of over 100 golf cubs inside and outside France for a further 3 years.”

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